Other Activity

Professional Activity

  • PC Member of LICS 2023
  • PC Member of ICALP 2023
  • Workshop Chair for FLoC 2022.
  • PC Member FSTTCS 2022
  • Chair of SYNT 2022 Workshop.
  • PC Member CONCUR 2022
  • PC Member IJCAI 2022
  • PC Member RP 2021
  • PC Member IJCAI 2021.
  • PC Member IJCAI 2020.
  • PC Member AAMAS 2020.
  • PC Member – AAMAS 2019.
  • PC Member – IJCAI 2019.

Other activity


I am an active member of cstheory.stackexchange and of cs.stackexchage:

profile for Shaull at Theoretical Computer Science Stack Exchange, Q&A for theoretical computer scientists and researchers in related fields profile for Shaull at Computer Science Stack Exchange, Q&A for students, researchers and practitioners of computer science


Little big, science (מדע גדול, בקטנה): 

I am a member of the “Little big, science” organization, aimed at making science accessible to the general public. My posts (in Hebrew) are here.

אני חבר בעמותת “מדע גדול, בקטנה“, העוסקת בהנגשת מדע לציבור הרחב.
לקריאת הפוסטים שלי לחצו כאן.