Ph.D Students

AsafAsaf Yeshurun

Works on determinizability of quantitative computational models: Weighted Automata, One Counter Nets, VASS, etc.





Neta Dafni

Works on discounted-sum automata.

M.Sc Students

Omer Yizhaq
Works on jumping automata over infinite words.

Ishai Salgado

Works on quantitative measures in Jumping Autmata.



Antonio Abu Nassar (M.Sc 2022)

Worked on notions of symmetry in transducers, e.g., simulation-by-rounds.

Thesis: Symmetry by Rounds of Letter-to-Letter Transducers




Shai Guendelman (M.Sc 2022)

Worked on notions of symmetry in multiplayer concurrent games.
Thesis: Concurrent Games with Multiple Topologies