Ph.D Students

AsafAsaf Yeshurun

Works on determinizability of quantitative computational models: Weighted Automata, One Counter Nets, VASS, etc.





Neta Dafni

Works on discounted-sum automata.

M.Sc Students

Shai Guendelman

Works on notions of symmetry in multiplayer concurrent games.
Specifically, deciding if a game admits a symmetric Nash Equilibrium.

Omer Yizhaq
Works on window-jumping automata.

Ishai Salgado

Works on quantitative measures in Jumping Autmata.



Antonio Abu Nassar (M.Sc 2022)

Worked on notions of symmetry in transducers, e.g., simulation-by-rounds.

Thesis: “Symmetry by Rounds of Letter-to-Letter Transducers”